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Pink Cream

C. J. Collins

MM Romance Author
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C. J. Collins is a lover of love. Collins celebrates love in all forms and believes it transcends gender, race, ethnicity and boundaries. Personally, Collins is an introvert until the vibe matches with a penchant for humor and sarcasm. Collins enjoys every little things life has to offer and believes life offers second chances to everyone who wish to take it.


I'm C.J. Collins, a self-published author who believes in the power of stories to transport readers to other worlds. My writing is inspired by diverse cultures, magical realism, and my own personal experiences.

A Night with Carters

Don't Leave Me


MMM Twin Menage Romance

Clean MM Romance

Omega verse - Coming Soon

Catching his fiancé balls deep into someone on the day of their third anniversary wasn't how Jamie Hampton expected to celebrate. And he definitely didn't expect André to cheat on him with his co-star, a woman and someone he thought as his friend.

A demolition of a building nearby causes Liam's office building to collapse. He is trapped inside and in his final moments, he can only think of one person—his husband, who is no longer in love with him. Maybe it was all in his imagination and it was all in his head, but it was too late now. Or was it?

Rich alpha Ryan and omega Julian were so much in love until Ryan’s rich family forcefully ripped them apart because male omegas cannot get pregnant and hence cannot give them an heir. 

Years later, Julian has now become a celebrated pop star. But his heart still aches for his first love, Ryan. He does a lot of charity and one day visits a feral facility that houses feral wolves who were dangerous to the society. There, he stumbles onto the most aggressive feral who is on death row. There's only one thing the alpha remembers and keeps repeating. Cherry.

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